Mixson is a large, infill development in the Park Circle area of North Charleston. Park Circle was laid out in 1903 as part of the Garden City movement and continues to be the heart of the community today. Rhinehart Pulliam & Company was engaged to establish an architectural vision for new infill development to dovetail with work built more recently. The new vision for Mixson centers around interlocking pocket neighborhoods, each with its own personality, yet each

clearly a part of the whole. The first neighborhood designed is along Barn Road, a quiet street that is home to four single-family houses, a ten-unit townhouse block, and a green pedestrian road that links the new development with the existing buildings. Over time, additional pocket neighborhoods will be added to the overall community. Each will connect with the others by roads, paths, green muses, and green streets.

Mixson Flats Elevation Remediation-1000-r.jpg
Rainbow massing-1001rrrr.jpg
Rainbow massing-1001rrrrrr.jpg